07 February 2012 Balance Service Goes Live

Just a quick note that the " Balance" service that some of us will be using to buy and sell items in Diablo III has gone live. As it is not people can choose to add money into the service and then use that money to buy things like Blizzard games, game time etc. In the future we will use it in Diablo III.

This may mean that people can conceivably buy/sell items in Diablo III and use the real-world currency in their Balance account to pay for World of Warcraft Expansions and more importantly World of Warcraft game time.

This is pretty huge. You could conceivably never have to pay for another month of game time ever if you're able to make enough money buying and selling Diablo III items. Interesting. Very interesting. Read the full official Blizzard blog post after the jump. Balance is now live! As we announced previously, Balance is a new feature that gives players an alternate way to purchase Blizzard digital products and services directly through their accounts. Players are now able add to their Balance using a variety of payment methods, and then use that balance toward Blizzard Entertainment products and services such as World of Warcraft game time; paid services, such as realm transfers and character name changes; digital versions of select Blizzard games, including Diablo II and StarCraft II; and in-game pets and mounts. In the near future, players will be also able to use Balance for the digital World of Warcraft Battle Chest and WoW digital upgrades. In addition, with the upcoming launch of Diablo III, players will have the option to use Balance to buy and sell items in the game’s currency-based auction house. 
For more information, check out the Balance FAQ, or head to the Balance page in Account Management to manage your balance.

I find it interesting that Blizzard is building multiple ways for players to pay for their Blizzard games. In a way this is sort of like melding two separate games into one meta-free-to-play game. You play Diablo III to earn enough items to sell for real money to pay for your World of Warcraft subscription.

Whether you're playing Diablo III or World of Warcaft, Blizzard keeps you playing (and paying) in their world.

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