12 August 2011

How the Real-Money Auction House Will Affect Diablo III - Comic by Dorkly

This Diablo III comic (by made me laugh. I think it captures the feelings many in the gaming community are having about the currency-based auction house being introduced in Diablo III.

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04 August 2011

Rob Pardo Talks About The Currency-Based AH in Diablo III

Below are a few quotes from Blizzard's Game Design EVP Rob Pardo about the new currency-based auction house in Diablo III. Quotes were taken from the article entitled Blizzard Reveals Real Money-Powered Diablo III Auction House over at Gamasutra. (Emphasis ours.)

Then for the big news. Pardo began by discussing the importance of trading items in Diablo, how it had been done online in Diablo II: via manual exchanges, forum posts, or IRC, and "shady third party sites full of gray market stuff." He said, "We can make it better."  
With the Diablo III Auction House, players will have a fully-integrated marketplace that allows them to buy and sell items, gold, and components with real-world currency (tentatively divided into U.S. dollars and euros, among others) in their respective territories. According to him, it's based on the World of Warcraft Auction House, but with refinements. Diablo III's iteration allows for auto-bidding and instant buyouts, smart searches based on class, a shared stash, and secure item transfers. 
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03 August 2011

First Images of Currency-Based Auction House User Interface

Below are the first images we have of the currency-based auction house user interface for Diablo III. Other than there being dollar amounts instead of gold amounts it pretty much looks like what you'd expect from a in-game auction interface.

It is exciting to see those dollars in there and know that those could be dollard going into our own pockets (less Blizzard's "nominal" fees ofc).

Currency-based Auctions Search (Image Source: MMO-Champion) Click to enlarge.

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02 August 2011

Blizzards Main Reason for Currency-Based Auction House: Fighting 3rd Party Sellers?

In an post entitled "OPINION: Diablo III auctions a smart move against gold farmers" for MCV Dominic Sacco goes over what he sees as one of Blizzards main reason for choosing to go with a currency-based auction house in Diablo III.
"Blizzard may never stop gold farming and those who use in-game bots to level up characters quickly. But by embracing this business Blizzard has not only retained a tighter grip on the buying decisions of its players, it’s taken one giant step towards blocking out the black market entirely."
Head over and read the full article to hear more about what Dominic has to say about the currency-based auction house.

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Introducing Our Diablo III Profit-Pedia - Official Info On The Currency-Based Auction House

Below is the first information we've put into our Diablo III Profit-Pedia. The Profit-Pedia is a resource for information and links related to the real-world money auction house for Diablo III.

Official Diablo III Information Sources.
-Official Twitter: @Diablo 
-Official Diablo Facebook
-Official Diablo YouTube
-Diablo III on
-Diablo III Community Site
-Diablo III Forums at

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Diablo 3 Real-world Money Auction House Thoughts by Athene

NOTE: Video contains language not safe for work (NSFW).

Oli's recent WarcraftEcon post brought to my attention this video of Athene discussing the possibilities of the new real-world money auction house in Diablo 3. I've been a big Athene fan for years and in this case I agree with most of what he is saying about the possibilities of the new Diablo 3 real-world money auction house in bringing actual real-world revenue to Diablo 3 players.

While a company providing an auction house for players to sell virtual items is hardly new (Sony Online Entertainment has been doing this for years with its Station Exchange which lets players buy and sell items for real-world money for such games as Everquest II and Vanguard) the fact that a company as large as Blizzard is jumping on board will have huge ramifications in not only the way companies monetize their games but may provide gamers with some residual income while playing these games.

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