14 September 2011

PayPal Announced as Diablo III Payment Service Partner

While it should come as a surprise to almost no one Blizzard announced that they will be using PayPal as their "payment-service partner" for Diablo III real-world currency transactions. (See "PayPal for Diablo III and" on the Diablo III Blog.)

Full details after the jump.

The Diablo III announcement blog post was short and sweet.

We're pleased to announce that in most regions, PayPal will be our payment-service partner for the Diablo III auction house, allowing players who trade with real-world currency the ability to cash out the spoils of their battle-torn adventures via a PayPal account. 
PayPal will also soon be added in several regions as a payment option on, providing another convenient and secure payment method for digital purchases of Blizzard products and services. 
We’ll share region-related specifics, as well as further details on everything mentioned above, in the near future.  Stay tuned!

While this does mean that we ow know which service Blizzard will be using what I'm reall curious about is whether we will be able to switch from "Blizzard cash" type of transactions to the "cash out" PayPal type on a per transaction basis or whether we are stuck with one or the other.

It seems to me that the ability to keep a certain amount of money in your Blizzard "wallet" to do buying and selling if items with with no additional fees would be advantageous only doing PayPal transactions on items we wanted to cash out and take the hit on transactions fees.

We hopefully will know more as time goes along. (Now where is my Diablo III beta invite Blizzard!)

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  1. Still hoping for a Beta invite myself. Vacation starts when I get off work tonight and I would love to have a Beta key to get down to researching, but no luck yet here either.